"In our company we use the law of the three Hs, in every project: Head, Hand and Heart. [...] We must always keep an eye on the future to be able to design a product that satisfies the present at 360 degrees".

Temrex is a group of companies that analyzes and designs solutions for archiving and storage at 360 degrees, with offices in France, Poland, Dubai, Canada and Italy. This great alliance allows us to respond to customer requests with efficiency and product choice, offering a wide range of mobile shelving storage solutions up to the most sophisticated automatic warehouses and vending machines.

Configuring the product allows us to create a personal solution, something that fits the person and not the other way around. We have given importance to ergonomics, to the quality of the raw material totally made in Italy and to an obsessive attention to detail. Our core business is compactable shelving: a system of shelving mounted on mobile bases that slide on rails.

Via Lago Maggiore 5

36077 Altavilla Vicentina (VI)


(+39) 0444 1460189

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