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The BCLASS revolving archive is the solution to optimize your work environment by improving working conditions and the speed of access to documents. The cabinet is in fact composed of two filing volumes that rotate back to back on a vertical axis. The mobile part being integrated into a fixed piece of furniture, rotating a quarter of a turn reveals the sides (which act as doors) or one of the desired filing cabinets.



The BICLASS cabinets have a secure access via encrypted key or password, so your files will always be safe.The BCLASS filing cabinet alone can store 12 linear meters of files in just 1 m2, they have a storage capacity greater than 8 classic office cabinets.


BCLASS swivel cabinets can be placed against a wall or in a corridor to maximize the use of normally unused surfaces. Arranged next to each other, they create a partition between the common spaces, facilitating the consultation of the archived material from both sides.


Customization at your fingertips . 
You can choose the finishes of the doors to be able to easily adapt it to the work environment. The internal customization, on the other hand, allows you to archive any document: from small sheets to folders and hanging folders.

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