Industrial mobile racking

Cargo is the ideal solution for storage bulky and/or heavy medium materials. Designed for industry and for those activities that need to store products in the easiest, inexpensive and simple way. Each system can be customized according to the dimensions of the loading units (tires, boxes, containers, bars, rolls, etc..).

Movement can be raised or overlapped on the floor and there may be a leveling platform.

FRAME cargo



The mobile racking is a solution that redouble your storage capacity using the same footprint of a static solution. CARGO is the ideal solution for storage bulky and/or heavy materials. Designed for industry and for those activities that need to store products in the easiest, inexpensive and simple way. Each system can be customized according to the dimensions of the loading units (tires, boxes, containers, bars, rolls and whatever you need to storage). CARGO increase your storage capacity up to 100% and can be tailored to the available spaces. All the collection of CARGO is Made in Italy and is designed with attention to details and customers needs.


One solution. lots of options:

  • Up to 6 Tons - CARGO 6T

  • Up to 9 Tons - CARGO 9T

  • Up to 24 Tons - CARGO 24T

  • Less than 4 Tons - CARGOlight

And for each solution, a different type of shelving (cantilver, tyres, etc ..)​


Solution for the automation or intensive warehouses. Allows to serve one or more operators at the same time, delivering the loading units in one or more sampling bays. It allows to exploit the rooms in height and can be placed outdoors, it is equipped with self.closing shutters for fire prevention. The insulation allows its realization outside. 


The cargo light solution is designed and built according to the type of materials and weights that it will have to support. The tracks of the industrial mobile shelving are recessed or stacked on the existing floor. Th modules are equipped with rollover protection system and photoelectric safety barriers. To facilitate access to the collection/storage corridor, a platform, made with different kind of finiture, can be inserted between the rails.



Piano di consultazione

Pulsante di emergenza

Safety barriers

La sicurezza non è un optional e i sistemi CARGO sono ben equipaggiati con tutti i dispositivi di sicurezza richiesti dal cliente. Le barriere di sicurezza con le adeguate protezioni assicurano un perfetto utilizzo all'operatore. Quando il sistema rileva un intruso, automaticamente arresta il movimento delle basi. 

All the necessary!

Il compattabile industriale CARGO, in particolar modo le sue basi, si muovono su particolari binari in alluminio incassati nel pavimento. Per carichi inferiori alle 4 tonnellate, esistono 3 tipologie di binari: sopra il pavimento, incassati nel pavimento e copra il pavimento con pannello di compensazione e scivoli.

Something else for the stability

Per garantire una maggiore stabilità alla struttura, sono state montate sulle basi, delle particolari crociere di irrigidimento. Maggiore stabilità significa più capacità di stoccaggio disponibile.

Fully automatic with PLC monitor

Il sistema di movimentazione automatico è semplice e intuitivo e permette di stoccare materiali in totale sicurezza. Grazie ai pannelli PLC posizionati su ogni base mobile si possono controllare singolarmente ed autonomamente. Icone semplici e intuitive sono state utilizzate per mostrare emergenze, problemi, i movimenti dei singoli carrelli e anche un accesso personalizzato per l'utente. 




Over the floor

Equipped with a wooden compensation platform (normally made of corrugated sheet metal) and entrance slides in the front area to compensate the difference in height, making it easier to use the carts inside. 


Embedded into the floor, both new as an existing floor, creating a continuous floor. Solution adopted for new warehouses and existing flooring, suitable for storage at high altitude that require the use of forklifts.

With ramps

Suitable for installations in which the height of the rooms does not allow a storage at high altitude or where the withdrawal is executed normally without the aid of lifting or structures. 

The following types of position for the rails are available just for the Cargolight version. 



The mechanical part of the mobile bases consists essentially of:


  • Sliding sledes

  • Longitudinal members

  • Cross bracing

Made of galvanized steel sheet, with CNC numerical control machines, dimensioned as a function of the imposed loads. The couplings and the bolt-type assembly system, without using welds, allows modifications to the system or substitutions of any damaged parts, quickness. The uprights of the tyre rack are fixed on the sleds. The longitudinal members made of press-formed sheet metal, are and excellent protection against impacts caused by the normal use of equipment in the withdrawal corridor. The system of cross bracing adopted is a structural grid type with a tight mesh.




Handwheel handling with gear-operated shut-off, acting on a ground rack. Simply turning the hand wheel we move effortlessly over 10 tons. 


Fully automatic handling managed by PLC. The handling of the mobile base s takes place through the use of gear motors of adequate power in 24V dc. The operating cycle can take place directly from the mobile base, by a remote control or a tablet.

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