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SHELVING archive

The mobile shelving office archive is a perfect balance between tradition and design. The simple shelving takes on different shapes and becomes a design object, not only functionality but also aesthetics. Used alone in stand alone space to divide office environments or positioned on the wall, Mbox is highly versatile and customizable. The shelving mounted on mobile bases that run along tracks, has a double storage area and access is guaranteed through the opening of one corridor at a time.

static solution




Using Mbox is simple, intuitive and practical. Consultation is possible by moving from time to time an element or elements at the same time to create a corridor where it is easy to move to pick up or deposit the desired material.


Functionality and design: a new way of filing to be used leaning against a wall or in a stand alone version to divide co-working spaces. The external panels in black in three colors to easily adapt to the work environment.


Customizing the MBOX is fun. You can choose from numerous internal accessories for filing any type of document: from small sheets, to folders, hanging folders and large boxes. LED lighting system and choice of internal color and external wooden panels.

re made
in italy

From the study of the shapes to the choice of components, everything respects the Made in Italy criteria. The raw materials come from controlled supply chains in respect of the environment, able to offer an increasingly eco-sustainable product, guaranteed by the Remade in Italy® certification.


Pull-out shelves, frames for hanging files, drawers and mobile dividers, separators between the shelves, sliding or hinged door closures. Closed or perforated sides, temperature and humidity detectors, soft-touch handling and many other accessories simplify the operators activities.

The wooden panels are refined and give a unique aspect to the compactable archive.

You can choose various types and colors, to better adapt to the work environment.

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