A platform fully dedicated to remote training will allow you to gain knowledge of the facets and resources within G-Box Software



Approaching with “360 Learning” is dynamic, efficient and safe. A platform entirely dedicated to distance learning will allow you to know the potential and the facets of the G-box Software. Through video and interactive chat a Temrex contact will accompany you throughout the training period, also monitoring the learning of your staff. This will allow us to adapt the training course according to your needs.


We propose to train the users and administrators of the G-BOX software through the “360 Learning” online platform. Two months before the installation of the distributors, an ad hoc training group will be created in TEMREX - ELECTROCLASS Académie and will still be active two weeks after their IT start-up. This will allow your staff to master the distributor control software perfectly.


You will be assigned a TEMREX contact person throughout the training period. You will be able to ask him any questions you want about the software. Through the platform it is possible to monitor staff learning. This will allow us to adapt the training course according to the needs of each one. The training videos are downloadable from the platform. In this way you can consult them whenever you want, even after the end of the training session.







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On the platform, you can navigate at will through the training video modules.

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Interactive English language media will help you get a profound understanding of the abilities of Gbox and your vending equipment.

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Communication by chat allows easy and informal access to your TEMREX coach/instruction.

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Your feedback is requested in every module, so we can help you with questions and further improve our learning tools.