FRAME is an high density filing system created by static shelving mounted on mobile bases, sliding on rails. The archived material can be withdrawn or registered through the opening of only one corridor at a time. Compared to static shelves, FRAME allows to redouble the filing capacity. Thanks to FRAME is possible to have a double space of filing reducing the occupied area.



FRAME is our vision of a simple and maximum space-saving mobile shelving. Using FRAME is very simple, just slide the modules and then open the chosen compartment. The mobile bases slide with manual or electromechanical hand wheel. It is possible to apply various finishes for the exterior and interior. They are coated or galvanized. All treatments are carried out within the company to create a 100% tailor made product. Wooden finishes can also be added. It is possible to add accessories to make the mobile shelving personalized and safe. Two models of mobile shelving are present in our production. The choice depends on the type of material to be archived, value optimization and available space.


Each module is completed by paneling, rubber profiles and closing sliding doors to preserve the archived material form dust and from unwanted access. Handling can be operated by pushing, with handle or with electromechanical system.


Each module consists of mobile bases in sturdy galvanized or powder coated steel profiles. It has wheels with capacity of 1000 kg each one. On the bases is placed the interlocking shelving in galvanized or varnished finish.


The choice of type of movement will depend mainly on the size and actual capacity of the modules. FRAME is designed and dimensioned according to the needs of the user and the available spaces.








It is important for us to offer a product that meets the needs of the customer. Accessories are an integral part of our philosophy. It is possible to add accessories to the mobile shelving, making it unique but also functional. Request your needs in the planning phase.

Side closing

Adding the sliding doors you can close the end of a mobile shelving and possibly insert a lock to close it and make archived documents safe.

Efficient consulting

The pull-out shelves are excellent accessories for those who choose a mobile shelving for books, documents and prefer to consult them at the moment. Efficiency and design for a 100% personalized result.

Filing and storage for each dimension

The pull-out drawers are excellent accessories for storing small parts or small objects, but also papers and documents. Everything is preserved and perfectly ordered. Various finishes and colors can be chosen.

Hanging is best!

The removable frames are indispensable accessories for storing suspended folders with top reading. An indispensable accessory for those who use hanging files. Simple, intuitive and effective.

Easy opening and closing

The mobile shelving Frame can become automatic thanks to our system which can be supplied from the first project, or added later. 

More light for your readings

For greater visibility to consult the archived documents, LED lighting lamps can be integrated into the system. Efficiency and design in one solution.




All our systems are designed and manufactured according to precise safety standards. We have equipped our systems with safety devices that guarantee the perfect functioning of the mobile shelving.Some devices are normally present in the system, others can be added, ensuring maximum result in its use.There are therefore on each carts of mobile shelving, a rollover protection system, anti-crushing device, a guide system and an end stopper.

'till the end 

The limit switch prevents the mobile element from coming out of the guide rail.

waving effect

The anti-overturning system prevents the mobile module from coming out of the guide rail, effecting the so-called "wave" effect.

No more pain

Anti-cut and anti-impact rubber profiles ensure the correct closure of the mobile bases and prevent passing by if you can hurt yourself against the system's shoulders.

No more crush

Anti-crushing system integrated in the handwheel. By setting the lock with the special integrated system, the accidental opening or closing of the modules is avoided.

More stability

Vertical and horizontal bracing to ensure maximum stability. Adding greater stability to the structure gives you greater storage and storage capacity in total safety.

Safety during movement

Safety photocells on electromechanical bases to ensure maximum safety when entering and exiting corridors.

Safety starts from ground

18 mm thick class 1 fireproof wooden platforms covered on the walkable part with non-slip material.

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