FRAME is an high density filing system created by static shelving mounted on mobile bases, sliding on rails. The archived material can be withdrawn or registered through the opening of only one corridor at a time. Compared to static shelves, FRAME allows to redouble the filing capacity. Thanks to FRAME is possible to have a double space of filing reducing the occupied area.




Each mobile shelving is composed by the following elements:

  • Double-sided mobile element with hand wheel handling.

  • Single or double sided static element. Not subject to handling, on which the mobile elements are compacted

  • Rails

  • Shelving

  • Ceiling

  • handwheel 

  • Label holder



Sliding rail

It is made of 30x20mm solid steel, inserted in a 15/10 thick galvanized steel sheet container. It allows the rolling of the wheels and the movement of the carts to access the consultation corridor. 

Guide rail

Made of 30x20mm solid steel with 15/10 thick galvanized steel sheet container. The rail has a triple function: sliding the wheels, guiding the carts and rollover protection.


The rails are positioned with accurate leveling and alignment, in order to guarantee perfect stability and sliding of the mobile shelving. At the ends of the external rails are fixed "end stopper" that prevent the escape of the carts from the rails when the maximum extension is reached.


Over the floor

This type of rail is an optimal solution for regular floors that do not need special maintenance and construction works.


This type of rail requires its leveling of a micro-adjustment system and the use of the only constraint by means of dowels, at the beginning and end of the rail, necessary to ensure the stability of the system. 

With platform

Between the rails there is a platform to compensate for the difference in height that is created between the existing flooring and the tracks resting on it. The platform can be in class 1 fireproof wood, or with metal (almond) and polystyrene.



The mobile bases are made of metal profiles in galvanized and painted sheet 25/10 thickness, shaped and assembled by bolting. A system of chains and sprockets supported by ball bearings protected from dust and self-lubricating, connect the crankshaft to the hand wheel. The movement is thus secured directly to the drive wheels on the ground, without the use of rack or other chains. The carts are designed to keep in mind the flexural stresses.




All components of the mobile system are made from galvanized and non-polished steel. The degreasing process and subsequent painting ensure a perfect long-lasting finish, avoiding the presence of rust inside the system.


Vertical uprights are made from thick galvanized steel sheet 10/10. Each upright is provided with double slotted holes. To connect two uprights are used side connecting stripes.


The side is composed of two uprights and connecting and stiffening crosspieces, fixed by interlocking. The extreme and intermediate side of each single mobile or fixed shelf are full, covered with containment panels.


They are made of galvanized and coated sheet. Each shelf is equipped with triple fold edging. They are independent for each shelving front and can be placed at different heights.




All our systems are designed and manufactured according to precise safety standards. We have equipped our systems with safety devices that guarantee the perfect functioning of the mobile shelving. Some devices are normally present in the system, others can be added ensuring maximum result in its use. There are on each mobile shelving a rollover protection system, an anti-crushing device, a guide rail and an end stopper.



Consisting of a locking system positioned on the hand wheel, consisting on a snap-action peg controlled by an easy -to-remove knob that blocks the movement of the mobile shelving. This system guarantees the not-sliding of the mobile elements.



Consisting of bearings that run in a C-shaped channel made of a single body with the base rails.They guarantee, during handling, a parallel sliding without "waving" or skidding. 




(optional).made up of carts, fixed above each mobile shelving, which run in a rail fixed to a support profile. It is in turn anchored on fixed shelving modules or on the walls of the room or on the ceiling.