100% customization, choose the finishes and accessories


Great for intensive storage and small parts storage


Two types of Giro to easily adapt to your needs



Optimization of space and material available

Highly ergonomic solution that allows you to manage a large storage volume in a small support surface. Folders, files, hanging folders, cards, everything can be filed in special containers. Functional in design, it adapts perfectly to the space that contains it.

Quick consultation of the material inside

The operation of the Giro vertical rotating cabinet is simple: the trays rotate around the various positions thanks to a single or double motorization. The positioning of the consultation bay at different heights allows you to fully exploit the height of the rooms or basements. To improve productivity and time management, opposing bays for loading and unloading can be provided.

Safety for the material and the operator

The vertical rotator complies with safety regulations. A system of photoelectric barriers and an emergency button ensure the dimensional control of the inserted material and the safety of the operators. Giro can be equipped, on request, with a fire extinguishing system.



P-SERIES office model

The products of the P-series line are particularly suitable for offices and work areas that need to file documents with a high frequency of access.

It is possible to apply various finishes for the exterior and interior. Whether they are painted or galvanized. The consultation bay is made of wood. It is possible to add accessories to make the LAP personalized and safe. Particular containers or dividers for folders and documents can be inserted inside the compartments.

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G-SERIES model warehouse

The products of the G-series line are particularly suitable for warehouses and work areas that need to store material and products of various sizes.

It is possible to apply various finishes for the exterior and interior. Whether they are painted or galvanized. It is possible to configure the G-series with containers adaptable to the material to be contained. The software system for the management of the stored material is efficient and intuitive.

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Rotary filing cabinet


GIRO consists of a series of trays that slide up and down, clockwise and counterclockwise, in front of a consultation bay, until the desired document is displayed. The rotation speed of the trays depends on the model chosen. Generally it varies from 10.13 to 14.33 cm / s. The Giro offers a series of safety devices so that the movement does not endanger those who have to use the system.


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