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vertical warehouse
with translating planes

Powerful and fast, the LIFTverti automatic vertical warehouse is the ideal solution to optimize the storage of heavy objects with heterogeneous volumes. The shelves move vertically between two storage volumes and the warehouse extracts the shelf to position it at the level of the ergonomic consultation station.


The trays move vertically between the two storage volumes and pulls out the drawers to position them at the level of the consultation station. Reliable thanks to the pinion transmission system and the double motorization.


The LIFT storage system is the ideal solution to optimize storage space. A moving warehouse of 14 m² on the ground can accommodate a useful deposit of over 200 m² over the entire height of the building


The LIFTverti moving warehouse has a multitude of options specifically designed for different activities (management of antistatic components, zone lights to identify stored objects, load cells, etc.).

The LIFTverti moving warehouse is equipped with double motorization. This choice guarantees the storage and movement of up to 560 kg of material as well as an efficient and safe movement of the trays.

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