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POR FESR European Regional Development Fund 2014-2020 - Objective "Increase in business innovation activity"



Action 1.1.2

"Support for the purchase of services for technological, strategic, organizational and commercial innovation of companies"


Project title: Strategic consultancy for the introduction of a new vending machine product in the reference market of the company


The consultancy process analyzed the critical issues and opportunities in the market in the introduction of a new distributor capable of delivering and collecting to company employees in an automated and monitored way consumables, small parts, work tools and PPE in production contexts such as workshops, production plants and industrial sites in general. This product will make it possible to optimize staff preparation times in the companies that will use it and will prevent thefts. The same product concept can also be used in other areas of services, such as the medical-health sector (eg delivery / collection of gowns, gloves, masks, etc.). The consultancy process has generated, through the typical methods of Design Thinking and Design Management, a set of information on the reference market, on the characteristics that the product must have to meet the needs of future customers and a mapping on potential suppliers necessary for the realization. of the machinery.



Amount of the approved project: € 18,900.00


Amount of the grant granted: € 5,760.00

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