After Sales Temrex

Temrex has developed its own method for the construction of any type of implant. We like to create unique projects that satisfy the customer's requests. We help the customer in every design phase: from the inspection, to the choice of the archiving or storage method, up to the final design and after-sales assistance. Our systems have a guarantee, but maintenance is essential to ensure a longer lasting resistance over time. Our maintenance packages meet every need .


Thanks to the consolidated experience of an expert technical team, we take care of the needs and requests of the customer with dedicated consultancy in all the design phases. Inspection, technical drawing and rendering enrich our offer to ensure maximum customization.


We offer customers high flexibility in terms of product customization for efficient management of storage and storage spaces. The optimization of the available spaces, in fact, is essential to reduce working times.


We like to design archiving and storage systems respecting the attention to detail and exclusively made in Italy products. We are always up to date on the latest technological innovations and we always want to improve our products.


A competent technician will examine the spaces during the inspection phase. It is important to carefully evaluate the available spaces and any project constraints to be respected.


The research and development office, supported by the design department, identifies the best solution in terms of space organization, ergonomics and above all value for money.


We take care of all phases of the project until the final implementation. Temrex supports the customer in the growth of the project and guarantees efficient maintenance and after-sales assistance.

Warranty and Assistance

All products in the Temrex range are covered by a 24 month warranty. We accompany customers free of charge in the first two years of the life of the plants with an efficient technical and assistance service.

Replacement parts

The spare parts necessary for the functional restoration of our systems are available for at least 15 years. The "multi-brand" experience and the widespread presence on the territory allow to intervene and repair any system.

Revamping and Security Update

Regulatory changes often require mechanical, software or safety device updates. Temrex is able to update any type of system, keeping the existing structure unaltered.

Relocation and remodeling

Dismantling, relocating, modifying old existing plants may seem like a difficult undertaking; our specialists can intervene by moving and re-adapting your system without any loss of functionality.

Transformation of handling

Our handling automation kit allows you to transform existing systems from mechanical to handwheel to electromechanical, with soft-touch push-button controls, with smartphones and tablets.