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stacker crane

The Mini Load Silo stacker crane allows quick, flexible and reliable storage of all types of objects or large volume boxes. Consisting of two storage racks and a robot moving in the central aisle, the automated warehouse offers short access times, optimal space management and ease of access.


The central robot formed by a multi-directional platform slides along tracks, taking the drawers from two parallel and mirrored shelving modules. Its structure allows for temperature control inside.


Optimization of space, storage and time: thanks to the Silo warehouse and its control systems, supply / picking errors are considerably reduced, no more stock discrepancies and picking errors.


Equipped with two front uprights, the Silo can be equipped with additional rear or side uprights. Each consultation bay can be equipped with a drawer accumulator with conveyor belt.

GSTOCK software allows you to prepare orders for large volume items. The picking takes place through a pick to light integrated in the Silo warehouse to facilitate the work of the operators, thus increasing productivity.

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