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Safety of the objects stored inside and of the operator


Perfect for archiving and large volume storage


Excellent for intensive storage in warehouses



Optimization of space and material available

Solution that allows large volumes of storage in rooms that are difficult to manage with other types of warehouse. The stacker crane is able to ensure the removal of container drawers or material on pallets directly from the shelves, delivering them to the picking bays to the operator or to any other equipment dedicated to handling.

Quick consultation of the material inside

Solution for the automation of intensive warehouses. it allows to serve one or more operators at the same time, delivering the material to one or more picking bays. It allows to exploit the rooms in height and can be insulated and equipped with self-closing shutters for fire prevention needs. The insulation allows internal and external achievements.

Safety for the material and the operator

The Mini Load Silo consists of two storage shelves and a self-propelled column moving in a central corridor. The drawers are extracted by a robot driven by the workstation. The robot makes the requested drawer available to the desired place. Picking orders are directly transmitted from the operator's desk, either manually or for the transmission of G-Stock logistic data.


Mini Load Silo stacker crane

Height (m): up to 9

Length (m): up to 40 m

Tray length (mm): from 960 to 1800

Tray depth (mm): from 405 up to 550

Tray height (mm): from 90 up to 450 mm


  • The reference of the object is accessible only by the operator. All other references remain hidden.

  • The mini Load Silo can be placed on various floors.

  • The mini load silo is often equipped with a ventilation system (VMC) that keeps the temperature and humidity constant, a central cold room that allows the conservation of sensitive objects and products: electronic components, objects with high value.

  • The Silo can be equipped with a special arrangement that allows the extraction of the references from the robot.

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Stacker crane storage system

The silo manages the positions according to the volume of the material to be stored.

4 phases of the cycle can be identified:

The operator indicates the reference directly from the PC or from the barcode reader.

The central column moves in front of the drawer intended to receive / return material.

the drawer is removed and taken to the workstation.

Validation of entry / exit by the operator.


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