The Software

GBOX software manages the use of  DYNABOX and LOCKERBOX.

Remote real-time observation of transactions, flow and inventory is possible, as well as a sophisticated analysis of use and consumption. Data exchange with resident ERP systems is possible.

Stand alone solutions may keep data locally or data may be kept on a central server. Categories of users and of items are managed to make sense of your activity.

 GBOX is user-friendly, reliable and safe. We will help you set up the particular templates and customization that suits your particular way of working.




GBOX will help you get a handle on your consumption of consumables and usage of tools, up to and including refill, lead time and re-use improvement. Personal Protection Equipment, glues, abrasives, or in other environments emergency first-aid or medical kit will be sure to be available yet be secure and not abused. You combine the key factors of AVAILABILITY, TRACEABILITY and STREAMLING of PROCUREMENT procedures. Through this combination you reach a higher level of productivity, safety and resiliance. 

Industries have observed significant reduction of tooling and PPE consumption (20% to 50% are observed) by implementing well designed vending solutions. Our job is to help you reach your key goals by giving you the right tools in the right configuration.


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  • Tracking of items

  • Positions management

  • Real Time statistics

  • Authorization and management of items

  • Management of stock

  • Center of costs management

  • Data export

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