FRAME light

Static solution

Framelight, a static shelving system, is the simplest solution for offices, business, libraries and warehouses. The possibility to have variable depth shelves depends on the loading units and it optimizes the space and the capacity. FRAMElight is simple and easy to assemble thanks to the "interlocking" system without bolts. From color to size of individual components, FRAMElight has a very high level of customization.


The static solution Framelight is the basic solution for excellenceYou can make shelving by taking full advantage of the height of the room and adding front panels with a label holder to catalog your material.


The advantage of using static shelving is customization. Shelves can be made of any size and dimension. All colors of RAL range can be used.


Definitely it represents the simplicity of using a rack. Even in this case, with simplicity you can add accessories to make it unique.


Our static shelving line is simple and functional. Its main characteristics are the customization of external parts and the addition of accessories.It is an extremely customizable product. From the smallest square footage up to the large sizes. Easy to use and easy to assemble, thanks to its structure without bolts. Accessories can be added to make archiving experience even more optimized. Stop books and/or inclined shelves, can be projected and designed.

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Internal side

Cross bracing



Front side



With the use of a static shelving, there is the maximum simplicity of assembly. Thanks to the "interlocking" system without bolts.You can add containers that can be adapted to the type of document to be archived. In this way the space used becomes functional and there is a greater ergonomics in recovering documents.A static filing solution can easily be adapted to any type of environment.


Internal and External sides

They are made of galvanized and / or painted sheet, have a completely smooth surface on the outside and ribs on the inside with slots for inserting the shelf hooks. The intermediate sides are made in the shape of a "c", in order to avoid any danger of cutting for the operators. Both the head and the intermediate sides can be closed with additional sides in the inner part to stop a hollowed shoulder. The capacity of each single side is 2,500 kg.


Cieling and internal shelf

They are made of galvanized and / or painted sheet, they are devoid of sharp edges or edges. Usually the first level of bottom shelf is positioned at about 150 mm from the ground, to form a safety skirting.

The internal shelves are made of sheet metal.

Each shelf is equipped with triple fold edging. The shelves of double-sided shelves are adjustable in height independently. The movement is practical, fast and can be performed without the use of tools. The shelves guarantee a capacity of 120 kg with evenly distributed load.

Cross bracing

More stability

Two steel profiles crossed each other. They are positioned in the central part of the spans, as an element of stiffening and bracing.


Hooks for shelves

They are made from sheet steel, guarantee a flow rate of 100 kg each.

F ondo

Bottom stop and bottom panel

The bottom stops serve to divide the two storage fronts, to ensure that the stored material does not accidentally switch from one to the other. As an alternative to the bottom stop a separation wall can be provided between the fronts and can be continuous or perforated for an adequate aeration of the stored material. No additional bracing is necessary in the presence of bottom walls.



The galvanized finish protects the sheet from corrosion by atmospheric agents.


You can choose form a wide range of RAL colors. All our powder coating are performed internally.



All the operations of material handling are carried out with environmentally friendly system, to safeguard workers' safety and the environment.