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archive with rotating tables

The PSERIESgiro rotating archive is the automatic system for archiving and securing small objects, for which access times must be short. The trays rotate thanks to a motorization that can be single or double. Ease of use, maximum storage capacity and minimum footprint.


The trays rotate around the various positions thanks to a single or double motorization. The positioning of the consultation bay at different heights allows you to fully exploit the height of the rooms or basements . 


Pseries allows you to optimize the archiving of all low-density documents. Its small footprint allows you to take advantage of the space in height and to optimize and quintuple the storage space of each documentation format.


Thanks to the choice of internal containers, it will be easier to choose the solution that will best optimize the storage space of the office. Small, large, long or wide, a wide range of containers to choose from.

The alternating current motor of the rotating warehouse reduces the maintenance required for its correct operation. This type of motor is not subject to friction which considerably reduces the wear of the brushes.

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